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Umbala is continuing the innovative process with a completely different project – Umbala.TV. This is a platform to solve communication problems and sales marketing through reputable communities. It not only makes buying experience easier but also connects the Brand communities through livestream with Trustworthy People, Trusted Review, Trusted Brand.

In order to complete this unique product, we look for talented and enthusiastic Fresher/Junior IOS Developer for developing social e-commerce platform.


  1. Building up UI/UX  for Umbala.Tv application
  2. Developing Umbala Photo & Video Editors (Filters, Effects)
  3. Developing mobile SDK to integrate live streaming protocol with the application 
  4. Supporting the development of AR camera & AI camera for E-commerce business model


  1. Benefit: Depends on your capacity
  2. Team bonding/ Company trip and Birthday Party.
  3. Culture activities: Strong Vision “Crazy guys create magic to change the world”.
  4. Contribute directly to an unique product and develop career paths with respect for individuality and respect for potential competencies.
  5. Opportunity to work with the Wolf Team: C-level thinking Wolf and talented Wolf.
  6. Learn more about business mindset and product experience. 

Key Qualifications?

  1. Strong knowledge and experience of OOP and Rx.
  2. Have a deep understanding about design patterns (singleton, factory…) and SOLID principle.
  3. Understand the MVVM architecture.
  4. Experience with writing unit tests and testable code.
  5. Experience with developing application using Objective C, C++, Swift, UIkit framework.
  6. Experience with e-commerce or live streaming application is a plus.
  7. Ability to understand and debug large and complex code bases is a plus

APPLY NOW: Email your CV (include your photograph) to with subject: Position – Full Name

(Ex: Android Developer 2020 – Full Name).

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